Why I do not recommend using Cloudflare as your domain registry | Use THIS instead!

Choosing the right domain registry is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your website’s performance and management. Having tried using Cloudflare as my domain registry, I must admit that it fell short in several aspects. In this blog post, I will share my personal experiences and explain why Hostinger is a far superior choice.

Lack of Custom Name Server Support

When I used Cloudflare, I quickly realized that it lacked support for custom name servers. This limitation severely restricted my ability to have full control over my domain’s DNS settings and routing. However, when I switched to Hostinger, I was delighted to discover that it allowed custom name servers. This gave me the freedom to configure my domain’s DNS settings according to my specific requirements, which was a game-changer.

High Cost for Essential Features

While Cloudflare may offer a competitive initial domain registration fee (around $9.5 USD), I found that the long-term costs were considerably higher. Cloudflare charges an additional $20 per month for domain registration, which can quickly add up. In comparison, Hostinger’s renewal cost may be slightly higher (around $16 USD), but the additional features and benefits it offers make it a much more affordable and valuable investment.

Hostinger: A User-Friendly Alternative

After my disappointing experience with Cloudflare, I decided to give Hostinger a try, and I was pleasantly surprised by its user-friendly interface. Navigating through the domain management interface was a breeze, allowing me to efficiently manage my domains without any hassle. This level of ease and simplicity made Hostinger a clear winner in terms of user experience.

Custom Name Server Support with Hostinger

The ability to configure custom name servers was a crucial factor for me, and Hostinger delivered on this front. With Hostinger, I had complete control over my domain’s DNS settings. Whether I was running a complex website or managing multiple domains, having the freedom to set up custom name servers enabled me to optimize my domain’s routing and performance in a way that Cloudflare simply couldn’t match.

Comprehensive Domain Management Features

Hostinger’s domain management features proved to be far more comprehensive and robust compared to Cloudflare. From DNS management to domain forwarding, email accounts, and SSL certificates, Hostinger provided all the essential tools I needed to efficiently manage my domains. This comprehensive feature set, coupled with its user-friendly interface, solidified my confidence in choosing Hostinger as my preferred domain registry.

Limitations on Domain Transfers

Another significant drawback of using Cloudflare as your domain registry is the restriction on transferring domains to another registry within 60 days of registration. This limitation can be problematic for users who may need to switch their domain registry or consolidate their domains under a single provider. The inability to transfer domains freely within the first 60 days can result in unnecessary delays and complications. In contrast, Hostinger does not impose such restrictions, allowing you the flexibility to transfer your domains to another registry whenever you need to without any unnecessary waiting periods.

Use Hostinger Instead!

Based on my personal experiences, I cannot recommend Cloudflare as a domain registry. The lack of custom name server support and high costs for essential features make it a less favourable choice. Instead, I wholeheartedly recommend Hostinger as an excellent alternative. With its user-friendly interface, custom name server support, and comprehensive domain management features, Hostinger surpasses Cloudflare in every aspect. By choosing Hostinger as your domain registry, you can enjoy greater control, flexibility, and efficiency in managing your domains.


Issac Chan

A professional business consultant, project manager, and website design director based in Hong Kong.